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Then you’re looking for Dr. Regina Lark.

Dr. Regina Lark helps individuals and organizations to sift through their psychic debris and transform chaos into clarity. As a speaker, educator, and consultant with a female focus, she helps women declutter their minds, their careers, and their lives.

With a Ph.D. in history focused on gender studies and women’s history and more than two decades of entrepreneurship and leadership experience, Regina creates bridges between academia and practicality. She draws on her scholastic expertise and her professional insight to create context and build connections that identify and address the root of pressing contemporary issues such as ADHD, disorganization, emotional labor, and mental load.

An organizing and productivity specialist based in Los Angeles,  Regina founded three companies: A Clear Path, Silk Touch Moves, and Speaking of Clutter. She regularly speaks to international audiences at conferences and in boardrooms on topics such as women’s leadership, time management, productivity, and more.

National media outlets have highlighted her expertise, including A&E’s hit television show Hoarders, in The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and others.

As a board-certified professional organizer with additional certifications in ADHD, chronic disorganization, and hoarding disorders, she is a graduate of the Organizer Coach Foundation Training Program.

Regina is the author of “Psychic Debris, Crowded Closets: The Relationship between the Stuff in your Head and What’s Under Your Bed."
Now available in Portuguese. identifies her as of the 20 Best Professional Organizers. National television syndicates in Los Angeles have also recognized her work.

For fun, she plays golf and tennis and writes goofy songs about clutter.


In the 1960s, Betty Friedan famously identified “the problem with no name” — a “strange stirring, a sense of dissatisfaction, a yearning that women suffered in the middle of the twentieth century in the United States.”

In the new millennia, women are “Fed Up,” as Gemma Hartley so aptly put it. They struggle with chronic disorganization, ADHD, emotional labor, and the mental load. This cognitive clutter robs women of fully accessing the executive functions of their brains, and limits their mobility, performance, and fulfillment. The consequences multiply when society—
from the family unit to communities to organizations and companies—does not address and mitigate the causes of this modern problem. Conversely, when we work together to clear the clutter, we can unleash the full potential of one half of the population.

Professional Accomplishments


  • University of Southern California: Ph.D. in History and Certificate in Gender Studies
  • California State University, Northridge: Master of Arts, History with an emphasis on Modern European Women’s History
  • California State University, Northridge: Bachelor of Arts, History
  • Los Angeles Pierce College, Woodland Hills: Associate of Arts

Certifications & Training

Institute for Challenging Disorganization

  • ADHD Specialist Certificate
  • Hoarding Disorder Specialist Certificate
  • Certification of Professional Organizing in Chronic Disorganization
  • Certification of Professional Organizing
  • ADHD Organizational Coach Training

“Thank you for speaking to my WPO group. Your insights into time and organizational management were extremely helpful and I know our members that attended will use the information to help them run their businesses. I appreciate the fact that you can speak to a C-level group of individuals with information and suggestions that will be helpful to them.”

— Marla J. Noel, CPA, OC Growth Advisors

“Regina shared an informative and engaging presentation on time management via Zoom. I love walking away from an event with actionable items to apply in my own life and Regina definitely provided that in her presentation. She was prompt, professional and communicative. Thank you Regina for sharing your knowledge!”

— Sathya Chey Vice President, Rotary Club of Long Beach


Psychic Debris: The Relationship Between The Stuff In Your Head And What’s Under Your Bed

Is a cluttered closet a manifestation of a cluttered mind? Psychic Debris explores the relationship between the stuff in our head and what's under our bed. Filled with narrative, analysis, and space for reflection, the book guides readers to consider their connection to clutter and its impact on the body, mind, and spirit. The third edition of Psychic Debris continues the journey toward self-discovery based on new information in the realm of time management and productivity. New chapters in this edition unlock the mysteries of managing your relationship to time. Also new is a list of positive affirmations to help un-clutter the mind and free it from the psychic debris, or head trash, that keeps us from realizing our goals.

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