What you want:
  • Educate and empower your female employees
  • Connect with and educate your male employees
  • To increase engagement, efficiency and retention across your organization
Who you need: Dr. Regina Lark


As a consultant, Dr. Regina Lark can help your organization navigate the role gender plays in employee productivity, engagement, and performance. Her deep academic expertise and decades of professional experience give her a unique insight into how women are perceived and treated in an organization. By applying concepts such as emotional labor and mental load along with an understanding of the effects of ADHD on executive function, Regina helps organizations support their women employees and clear a path to success.


In group settings, Regina helps teams and individuals work through their mental clutter overcome procrastination, poor time management, and disorganization. In each session, Regina tailors the content and approach to the participants to ensure relevancy and relatability. Her training courses can last an hour, or can span several sessions or months, and can be customized to fit a group’s specific needs.

  • Dealing Unreasonable People
  • Effective Email Management
  • Effective Networking
  • For Women: Managing The Double-Day
  • It’s About Time: 6 Strategies To Accomplish Your Goals Every Day 
  • Managing Mental Load And Emotional Labor
  • Measuring Productivity 
  • Prioritization
  • Procrastination
  • Productive Meetings
  • Sustainable Office Systems Customized For Your Brain-Type
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Work-Space Organization


"Dr. Regina Lark is not only an entertaining speaker, but extremely informative as well. Regina shares vulnerabilities in addition to just speaking on facts and data by providing real stories thereby fully engaging her audience. I have had the pleasure of hearing her speak on multiple occasions, and her passion and knowledge of the material she shares becomes immediately evident. Her speaking style is organized, yet lively and energetic. Through her presentation her excitement, enthusiasm and belief in her subject matter shines bright."

— Maria Lubrano

“Thanks, Regina, for shaking it all up and providing lots of food for thought and a new "headlamp" to observe our world with. In doing so, hopefully I can join forces with others awakening to this to begin to shift perspectives for future generations."

— Yasmin R.

“Regina makes hard topics easy to understand!”

— Leslie Josel

“Regina is outgoing and friendly. She’s not merely trying to motivate others, but actually enrolling them and creating excitement to participate in the curriculum. She has a realness that doesn't get too intellectual, and her can-do attitude and willingness to jump in and get to work is evident.”

— Blaine Anderson

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